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2.1 million visitors worldwide, 3.8 million social media followers.

A new series by everyone's favorite miniature artist, Tatsuya Tanaka, will be on view at MPX Gallery for the first time in the world. The exhibition will showcase over 200 works that encompass Tanaka Tatsuya's worldview, providing an in-depth look at the artist's philosophy of work, 'MITATE MIND'.

'MINIATURE LIFE · MITATE MIND' is a uniquely Japanese aesthetic concept that refers to the ability to take a fresh look at familiar objects. Whether it's a cell phone, a pencil, bread, or mushrooms, you can discover something new by changing your perspective. In a mita-themed world, round glasses become bicycles and soft serve ice cream becomes wedding dresses. The witty titles of the works, with their play on language, enrich our imagination.

The exhibition is organized into seven themes - HOME, FORM, COLOR, SCALE, MOTION, LIFE, and WORLD - and features 52 original miniatures, including a world premiere, as well as large-scale objects of photography and video. The exhibition also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the artist's work, as well as a video documenting the creation process.

Tatsuya Tanaka has been bringing laughter to people every day for 12 years, presenting his works every single day since 2011, and 'MINIATURE LIFE · MITATE MIND', which will be shown in Seoul for the first time in the world, is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of his work.

We invite you to experience 'MITATE MIND', a delightful world of miniatures that make the ordinary extraordinary.


Experience the joy of transforming the familiar into the extraordinary, right from the heart of our homes where it matters most. Dive into the 'Mitate Mindset' that resonates closest with our everyday lives!


A collection of ideas for simplifying shapes! Transform triangular shapes into sandwich mountains, and circular shapes into planets made of bread. Embark on a journey into a delightful world that begins with simple shapes.


Discover a world that unfolds through color. Just as "the ocean is blue" evokes "jeans" when thinking of "blue," we present a series of artworks that simplify and connect the imagery of colors.


Explore a collection of works that transform with scale. A corn kernel turns into a bag, a staple becomes an exercise machine… Simply altering the size of an object significantly broadens the horizons for "mitate" possibilities!


Simplifying your movements is another way to embrace the Mitate mindset. Whether it's a back-and-forth sway or a rotation, discover artworks inspired by the essence of 'movement'.


What if everyday objects were alive? Imagine if sushi were a person, or if dumplings could walk and talk? In this section, you'll encounter artworks created through the unique process of anthropomorphism, where objects are given human characteristics in a special kind of "mitate" that mimics people.


"Small Planet, Big Earth!", the final section of the exhibition, features artworks that resonate with people from across the globe.


Tatsuya Tanaka is a miniature photographer and author who explores the theme of "MITATE." Born in 1981 in Kumamoto Prefecture, he launched the "MINIATURE CALENDAR" in 2011, a project that constructs miniature art using everyday objects. Tanaka has not missed a day since, creating and sharing his works online daily.

Gaining significant popularity both in Japan and internationally, Tatsuya Tanaka has amassed 3.8 million followers, establishing himself as a globally recognized artist. His "MINIATURE LIFE" exhibition has surpassed 2.1 million cumulative visitors, drawing widespread attention.

Tanaka has also made his mark as an art director and designer across various sectors, including advertising, print, and web. He contributed as an exhibition creator for the Japan Pavilion at the 2020 Dubai Expo. His published works include "MINIATURE LIFE," "Small Wonders," "MINIATURE TRIP IN JAPAN," "Kumitate," and "Sushi Came to Buy Clothes."

Tatsuya Tanaka - Miniature Life Exhibition in Seoul: Handmade mini figurines

Practical Info

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  1. Duration:
    March 2, 2024 ~ June 10, 2024
  2. Opening Hours:
    • Weekdays: 11:00 - 21:00 (Entry closes at 20:00)
    • Weekends: 10:00 - 22:00 (Entry closes at 21:00)
  3. Venue:
    MPX Gallery
  4. Ticket Type & Price:
    • General admission : 18,000 KRW
    • Below 18 years old : 10,000 KRW
    • Below 36 months old : free


MPX Gallery

L3 IFC Mall, 10 Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
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